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The vision of Redline Racing is to provide the best Stock Car racing experience you can get anywhere. We are an online Sim Racing league that runs an Independent Chapter at We are open for everyone to come race, have fun, hone one's racing skills, and socialize with their fellow drivers. We expect all of the drivers in this league to race clean and be respectful of each other. Every driver must understand that the other driver’s race is just as important as your race. Every driver in this league must do everything possible to protect the integrity of each race. Race integrity and etiquette is the sole responsibility of each driver that voluntarily chooses to race in this league. This league’s best asset is its drivers. Good drivers make a great league. By racing as clean and respectful as humanly possible, we all experience the fun and realism that Sim Racing has to offer. But it doesn't stop there because we also spend time outside Sims and indulge in many other categories. We also like to get on Team Speak 3 and talk. Weather having laid back conversations or joking around we are friends who keep each other company. So weather your looking to do anything from racing to building in minecraft or just have great conversation we are for you. If we seem right for you please contact an admin and we will give you all the info you need to join us in any of the things we do here. 

President And CEO Stan Rickman

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